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Girl Group take over Covers

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

So which girl group is center page material?

Kara’s Ji Young and Hara are in Cosmopolitan

SNSD’s Yuri in Cosmopolitan

SNSD’s Jessica in Marie Claire

Wondergirls in W magazine


How does Japan tell SNSD members apart?

July 21, 2011 Leave a comment

On the 21st the second portion of Boom the K-pop on Mnet featuring SNSD in Japan aired. In this episode it showed how the Japanese fans tell SNSD members apart. SNSD consisting of 9 girls might be confusing to many, but here is a simple way to know who is who.

Taeyeon is the leader, short but has a powerful voice. Yoona is the innocent looking one who looks like she jumped out of a comic book. Sooyoung is the model who is tall and thin. Yuri is the muddy pearl with her dark complexion compared to the other members and her curvy body.

 SeoHyun is the Healthy one, Sunny has all the cuteness in her, Hyoyeon is the dancing queen. Tiffany is the one with the eyes that smile and Jessica is the Ice queen. Tiffany and Jessica do most of the talking in English.

Ice Princess .. or is it?

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

SNSD’s Ice Princess Jessica has a new nickname! A fan has put together a 100 set photos of her showing the cutesy, lovable side. Aegyo Princess?

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SNSD updates Mini Homepage

October 21, 2010 1 comment

SNSD members Jessica, Yuri and Sooyoung have posted up a picture and short message on their individual mini homepages to anticipate their comeback of their third mini-album “Hoot.”

Soo Young had written “Soones you are the best, (SNSD fanclub), hoot, you guys waited, you guys have waited. SNSD is making a comeback! The rumor that I hear is that while we were out of the country you guys have been charging your energy to 100%, so that you can cheer for us so it pierces the sky. Well, let’s try to pull off the ceilings of broadcasting places with your cheers!”

Jessica wrote “I am shocked that you guys care so much and so thankful. Hoot Hoot Hoot, let’s have fun performing.”

Yuri wrote “Soone’s I was so touched by your pink lights and pink ribbons in Taiwan. We also heard good news today in Japan about you guys. I heard that a lot of people are interested in our single Hoot, and that I got chosen as the girl group with the Most Beautiful Skin, this is the best praise a 20 year old can ask for.  I am also so happy that you guys are so loyal to SNSD. I am really happy. I will be a proud member of Soshi that will repay all that love you have given me. Please watch over our performances.”

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