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Sector 7

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The movie Sector 7 stars Ha Ji Won and Oh Ji Ho held a press conference today. Ha Ji Won’s bangs sure do make her look younger.



So who was at the opening premiere?
Lee Da Hae, So Yoo Jin, Kim Chang Yul and Tim


Funny Ha Ji Won

July 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Ha Ji Won has been taking scuba lessons for her new movie. Her pictures of herself spreading her legs show her comical side.

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What is Ha Ji Won up to?

July 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Secret Garden’s Ha Ji Won posted up a picture on her me2day in a yacht. Ha Ji Won is filming 7 Princesses which is planned to be released this summer, and is taking scuba lessons! I am guessing we will be seeing her scuba dive in her new movie!

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To love Ha Ji Won 1023

July 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Ha Ji Won celebrated her birthday last week, on the 28th her fan club” To Love Ha Ji Won 1023″ treated the staff and production crew of her new movie Korea bowls of Sam Gae Tang. Her fan club sent over a food truck to create delicious, and nutrient filled lunch to show their adoring love towards the Secret Garden star Ha Ji Won.

Actress who has all the luck with Male Partners

July 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Entertainment Relay ranked the top 7 actresses who has had famous, handsom lead partners. The list is as follows!

 7. Gong Hyo Jin
Her boyfriend is actor Ryu Seung Bum. She acted with Won Bin, Jan Hyuk, Kang Dong Won, Lee Sun Gyun, Rain and recently Cha Seung Won.

6. Go Hyun Jung
The talented lady has acted with Kim Nam Gil, Jo In Sung, Uhm Tae Woong, Kwon Sang Woo, Chung Jung Myung, and Ha Jung Woo.

5. Im Soo Jung
She is like a sponge that soaks in her roles and her lead guys. She has acted with So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won, Rain, Gong Yoo, Kim Rae Won and Hyun Bin.


4. Kim Haneul
The beautiful actress has acted with Kang Dong Won, Kwon Sang Woo, Yoon Kye Sang, and  Kang Ji Hwan.

3. Son Ye Jin
The beautiful and talented has acted with Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Jo In Sung,and  Bae Young Joon

2. Ha Ji Won
Secret Garden’s lead has acted with Hyun Bin, Kim Jae Won, Jang Geun Suk, Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, and So Ji Sub.

1. Shin Mina
The gorgeous lady has acted with Won Bin, Lee Sung Gi, Cha Tae Hyun, Rain, Jo Jung Mo, Jang Hyuk, Jo In Sung, and Ryu Seung Bum.

Secret Garden

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Pictures from Ha Jin Won & Hyun Bin’s new drama Secret Garden.

IU’s week of transformation

October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Another post on IU? yeahhh~ Couldn’t help it!


So, IU will be in Singles too, that’s 3 different magazines in one month. It really is her time to shine! The Singles Magazine will feature all the girls in Young Woong Girls. The episode of the pictorial shooting will air this Sunday! We have seen the previews of the other girls minus IU. Now we know why, she has her own cuts! Her cuts are themed from Moulin Rogue and has that very musical, 50’s vibe. Her model partner is Ha Ji Won’s younger brother, Jun Tae Soo.