Friendships do last

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Old idol groups, old friends, and new idol groups show off their friendships.

Koyote made a comback today on Mnet with their song Good Good Han Koyote and Baek Ka’s BFF Rain left encouraging words on his twitter, “Today is your First Broadcast right? Don’t be too nervous, Fighting!

Lee Jin and Oak Ju Hyun members of Finkl play around with Oak Ju Hyun’s yellow phone on a rainy day. Oak Ju Hyun posted these pictures the first with the caption “Cold City Girl, does she seem like one?” and second one with “You like my phone, you want it don’t you?”

As JYP Nation is in Japan busy with their concert Joo surprises us with a picture of her and Wonder Girls Hyerim and Yubin

Former finkl member Sung Yuri comes to watch Oak Ju Hyun’s Musical


Running Man this Week

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I wait all week for this show! Last week was the special of the girl idols with a twist the next day and this week it will be Shin Se Kyung on Running Man!

2ne1 Update

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CL and Sandra Park are dressing up in school uniforms.

Minji shows off her flat stomach~

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Korea to Hong Kong

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Kim Haneul is going to Hong Kong, so what? Well her airport fashion is causing a buzz everywhere! Look at her S line!

Park Min Young for Solb

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Park Min Young models for Solb a lingerie company. You can see her in a tub looking hot and serious, the concept for the photoshoot was The Scandle.

Sexy Sexy!

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Is it me or do fall and winter clothes seem more stylish and sexy?

Son Dambi the model of H&T’s F/W photshoot.

Gna posing in Calvin Klein Jeans

Shin Se Kyung flaunting her glamorous body in Vogue Girl.

Hot Guys

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This issue of Singles Magazine is on HOT guys! G-dragon, Yoo Seung Ho, Beast, Im Seulong, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In helped celebrate Single’s 7th year anniversay. Their main concept is the Barefoot Campaign, as the stars pose barefoot.